Specializing in high energy, high velocity pet dogs, we take you from feeling frantic to focused.

"[Charlie] was so hyper aroused he wouldn’t even take super high value treats from me outside, let alone anything else. 

Fast forward now to spring time, and he’s been totally engaged with me and doing all of the steps of retriever games outside! He’s ignoring people and dogs walking by and staying focused on the game. If I tell him “go sniff” to take a break he just stays in front of me wagging his tail. I can’t believe it, actually might be in a bit of shock"

- Matt & Charlie.

Dog training shouldn’t suck, for you or for your dog. At Focus Dogs, we are committed to effective, ethical and engaging teaching practices for both ends of the leash. We believe that training should be practical and fun, and that good training can transform the lives of both people and dogs. We are committed to using the most modern and least invasive or harmful methods possible. These methods aren’t just ethical, they’re highly effective at resolving behaviour problems without the risk of unsafe or harmful side effects.

Liza’s greatest passion is helping people get the most out of their dogs. Liza is highly experienced working with all breeds, types and ages of dog, and is skilled at helping people resolve their dog’s problem behaviours. Liza has been handling, competing with and working with dogs for most of her life, and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.